This question sounds a bit strange, right? But if you are on this page, then everything is correct. This is where you will get the answer to the question that is most often asked of me.

My name is Boris Semin and I have been in the crypto business since 2012. To be honest, I no longer need to explain anything to anyone, since I myself have complete order in the crypto world.

But since I am an English teacher by my main profession, let’s consider this article as my contribution to the promotion and strengthening of cryptocurrency throughout the world. My mother, who was also a teacher, probably would have been very happy to read these lines)

As for me, I am absolutely sure that the crypto and the blockchain will change the world for the better in the very near future. Therefore, this article will be constantly added and updated on the Levelnaut website. It will be published in two languages ​​- in English and in Russian, and the very first banner on the right side of the website will always point to this article.

This will be a rather long article and it will describe all the necessary materials for successful promotion in the crypto business. But any big way needs to start with a small step and now I will tell you exactly what steps you need to do.

By the way, this article will also be useful to those who are confused in the subject of crypto or have not received the desired results. My experience as a teacher and a crypto researcher will help you find the right path. So, let’s start!

1. Install the Telegram messenger program on your computer or mobile phone. After you install and run this program, add @borishaifa (this is me) to your contacts and only after that I will be able to guide you further.

2. If you already know how to find the necessary group in Telegram, then look for it yourself, it is called BestCrypto or follow this link and join this community. All information is published here in English and in Russian. But you can always use Google Translator if necessary.

3. In this group, you can ask any questions and get always up-to-date and verified information about those projects that are most promising for earning and investing cryptocurrency.

4. All necessary information you can find at website, but our main place of work is this page where I have selected the best crypto projects. You can register at any or better at all of them. At BestCrypto group in Telegram you will get the necessary guidance if you have already done it.

5. Besides of these projects we also discuss in this group all the topics connected to crypto social networks and crypto networking.

6. Also, you should create a page with all your social networks accounts. It will be a good tool, if you plan to make a career in SMM (Social Media Marketing). I have such a page, so you can do the same.

The best strategy of working with crypto websites, you can find at Crypto ABC

As I said above, this article will be constantly updated and supplemented, there will be a lot of links in it. But all necessary information cannot be published at once, so I will do it gradually. Therefore, I recommend to subscribe to the Levelnaut website updates and save this particular article in bookmarks on your computer or mobile phone.

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