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I understand very well what you feel now. I have not once found myself in this situation. Since 2014, every time I went to the Internet and I did not have an exact plan in order to achieve success in the Crypto World. No, I certainly tried to do a lot of things. I lost a lot of time and money before I found my way to success. To check this fact you can observe my currency balances on social networks. You can easily verify what I am saying, since this information is open. In almost all crypto social networks, my login is @borishaifa

Today is the right time to share with you, dear readers, my main secret, but before that I recommend that you decide which path to choose in the crypto world. But first of all you should understand what the options are.

Trading. It is possible that for someone it is a good way in the crypto world. And I sincerely regret your success if you chose this path. But at the same time you must very well understand who you want to take money from at the stock exchange. You are planning to “earn” there, aren’t you? And now, think very well who of those people who trade there will want to share with you their prey.

Mining. Perhaps this is a good way. To be honest, I did not even try to do it seriously. I do not want to buy any special equipment and organize a special mining area, and check every time that the electricity charge does not exceed my mining income.

Airdrops and Giveaways. Yes, I was engaged in a short time in this sphere, but then I realized that the time spent here is much more than it seems. There are a lot of scams and dangers in this type of activity. Your data will of course be used and transferred from one project to another – in order to drag you into a new ICO. In addition, it is a very small and very unstable market, which I hope will be not actual.

What then remains? There are crypto social networks. Yes, this is a very good and correct way – both in terms of diversifying your investments, in terms of security (social networks are closed less often) and in terms of the diversity of work.

When I started my journey in crypto social networks (and that was in 2016, when Steemit appeared), I made one serious mistake. I came to this market with absolutely no money. And who goes to the market without money? So I had a not easy period of my life. I worked hard, I was looking for interesting, unique content, I tried to gain a good reputation and become an influencer in this area. It was all right. But it was a very long way. If I came to the crypto social networks already with money, then I would have achieved good results much faster.

Therefore, today I will tell you about how to enter the crypto social network market correctly, even if you do not have a penny or, it would be more correct to say – not a single satoshi.

Start implementing all parts of the Crypto ABC plan and do it with your team. That is, as soon as you pass a certain part of the path, try to train those who follow you in a group specially created for this purpose. You will understand later what it is for.

Plan A

You need some initial capital. At least a small one, but it is needed, otherwise you cannot even go to the second part of the plan. The easiest way is to earn money on sites that provide such an opportunity. Here is my selection of such sites – Earn. Invest. Promote

Plan B

After you have an initial capital, you can start earning money in other projects that require different investments. I have worked and I still work in all these projects, so you can be sure that they are legally and profitable. All these projects are mentioned at our CryptoNetLeaders program at Levelnaut website. As soon as any changes occur in this sense, I immediately make updates in this list. Fortunately, this does not happen often, so here you can safely tune in for a long term work and earnings.

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