Good morning, dear friends! As you probably have noticed, i work not less than 12 hours a day at BestCrypto group on Telegram.

Is it easy? No, it is not. Does it bring mу tons of dollars. No, it doesn’t. Am I an idiot? No, I hope I am not.

I have too huge experience of work on the internet to be an idiot. I have been working in Web since 2003.

So, in this case the question is – why I am writing my posts here in BestCrypto group and don’t write them in Crypto Networks, where I сan easily get money for them?

The answer is above. I have too huge experience of work on the internet. And I see what many other people don’t see.

I see changes not only on the WEB, but in real life too. I don’t believe in Basic Income, I don’t belive in pensions, I don’t believe in any social programs.

I also don’t believe in real money, as soon it will be substituted by cryptocurrency and electronic money everywhere.

I had a website devoted to technologies and future life, and read about 50 articles daily in order to understand evreythingduring a few years.

The poplation of our planet grows rapidly, so it is a stupid idea, that you will have more not doing anything special for you future financial security.

BestCrypto group is a part of my program of security. You can create the same groups and educate people there too, and earn by your teaching and helping others.

We choose the best crypto projects, we invite CEO’s and developers, we work in close contacts with them.

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