Manifest of Levelnaut Team Group

Levelnaut Team works with interesting and profitable internet projects. Depending on this, all projects should match the following rules



1. We don’t work with scams
2. We don’t work with all “small” projects (crypto faucets, clickers, airdropes, giveaways etc.) We are interested in the best and trusted services only.
3. We don’t work with not tested projects, without any proofs funds withdrawal etc.
4. We don’t work with projects, where doesn’t work Support Service
5. We do not work with projects that have been operating for less than one year in the market
6. We don’t work with projects without official affiliate (referral) program. These programs should be not less then 2-tiers ones.


1. Projects, that have an interesting idea and a good design
2. Projects, that have multilingual functional and promotion tools
3. Projects that have their own product or service


– we exchange suitable information
– anyone can propose anything (taking into account the BIG RULES)
– we try to train our own teams and groups
– we don’t discuss group members, but projects only
– we kindly ask to read this manifest BEFORE offering ANY projects at our LEVELNAUT TEAM group, check compliance with the requirements and attaching the phrase “Manifest Matches” to your offer

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