The Silence of Net Lambs

Yesterday, one of the BestCrypto group members suddenly stopped talking and stopped responding to my messages. It happens sometimes. I really hope that nothing bad has happened. Our life is very unpredictable, so anything can happen. That is the reason why I always try to answer even strangers. On the other hand, I understand that you have another life and I will always respect your choice. Even if you change your mind and find something else more interesting in life than communicating with me, for example.

As for the business on the Internet, here you can try to find your way. There is nothing terrible in this; it is enough just to inform the one with whom you communicate. Also, you should be well aware that the Internet was created to exchange information and the only truly stable business on the Web is the one that accompanies this exchange. That is, I’m talking about advertising and promotion. Only there will always be serious money. All the other things are children’s toys, even if you don’t think so.

I have been engaged in networking since 2003. My first successful group was called Creative Friends and it headed ICQ popularity ratings back in 2004. Therefore, I understand very well in networking every nuance, every element of social networks and their functionality. In fact, I always say that the Internet is a very small place and here everyone knows each other and everyone is watching each other.

You can try anything, take part in any projects and leave them as well. You can open your own business on the Internet and in real life, but always remember the most important thing is your reputation.

You will not buy a reputation for any money and will not get it back. if you lose it on the Net and in life. Therefore, always be a Man, always communicate, even if you have other interests in your life.

It is for this reason that I leave the doors of the BestCrypto group always open and that is why my contacts can always be found on the Internet. In other words, I sincerely wish you good luck in any endeavors, but if something goes wrong, then you know where to look for me.

And today I want to give one piece of advice to newcomers, to those people who are just starting their way on the Internet. Always try to get your own opinion about the offer received, always take another small step towards the truth. I don’t say that it is always easy. I personally deeply believe that the path to success is exactly where it is difficult. However, this is only my opinion – the opinion of one person, so it is not necessary for me to believe. But in any case, I sincerely wish you good luck.

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