BestCrypto Formula 1

I hope you all fastened your seat belts, guys. It seems that the race BestCrypto Formula 1 begins. In this race, so far only three cars – OnTheTop and MarketHive. But anyway, these are very promising bolids, which we had very carefully selected by the whole BestCrypto team.

But this selection process continues and soon others will join these three, I promise you. Our team of pilots is also growing. There are almost 150 participants in BestCrypto and new ones join every day.

The skill and experience of the participants also improves daily. For example, I completed the BusinessMan qualification in OnTheTop yesterday and absolutely do not plan to dwell on this achievement. And I hope that you do not have such thoughts.

If your friends also want to take part in the race with our team, then it is very easy to find us on the Telegram. Our team is called BestCrypto. Well, if you have any problems with this, then look for a pilot with the nickname borishaifa. This is me, and I will definitely help you!

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