Three Diagnoses

Psychiatrists have a joke that the whole world is divided into two categories of people – the sick and … unexamined. Unfortunately, I am absolutely sure that this is not a joke and it all depends only on which side to approach the discussion of this issue.

For example, I think that among Internet users there are three categories of people who are trying to make money. These are categories such as Investors, Earners, and Recipients. If I were a psychiatrist, then I would define these categories of users just like that.

And now I will explain what these three diagnoses mean.

Investors – are those who want to make money on investments… without investing anything.

Earners – are those who want to earn money… and do not even try work on Internet, at least the way they work in reality.

Recipients – are those who only want to get only… and think that they can get rich in this way.

By the way, to which category do YOU belong?

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