It is not easy to check a website. Certainly, the experienceв users know how to do it and they can define scam in most cases. But still it is hard to do without any suitable tools.

Here you can find the list of such tools. This list will be constantly added (with your help too) and updated. – to check British Companies – new project, Crypto Police to check faucets (in Search and in Russian) to check HYIPS (in Russian) to check hacked websites – checks according to your request (Russian) to check payments
Phishtank.comb to check phishing to check viruses to check domain names

Here you can find some criteria, that CryptoBest Group uses for websites analyzing

Hyip Analysis Criteria

1. Design
2. Information on the main page, functional, usability
3. Contacts (google)
4. Date of domain registration
5. SSL
6. Verification in Perfect Money
7. Administrator
8. Starting point
9. Opinions
10. Phased evolution (or roadmap)
11. Clear and adequate investment program balance
12. Analysis of the referral program
13. Freezing deposits
14. Marketing Promotion
15. Office on the ground
16. Monitoring
17. Seasonality
18. Inside
19. Registration documents
20. Language support

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