I promised not to give any links in my articles for social networks. But today I will make one exception, because it is worth it. At any case, I could give this link in the comments.

What is this link, because of which I break a promise? )) This is a tool that I have dreamed of since 2003. Yes, right from the moment I had started working in social networks.

If you closely follow what I have been doing lately, you probably know that I have collected all the best projects for working with cryptocurrency on the Levelnaut website. All information on this topic can be easily found with the help of banners on the website.

You also know that I am waiting for the moment when Telegram connects the TON blockchain and issues a Gram coin. In my opinion, this is the most important event awaited by the whole crypto world today.

The Ethereal project develops tools specifically for the Telegram and specifically for the Gram coin. And yesterday I tested ONE tool from Ethereal, which helps to create large partner teams fully automatically.

Frankly speaking, I got a phenomenal result – 2 minutes of work of the program, 8 new partners and 200 new visits to the site by potential partners. I leave the screenshot on the Levelnaut website.


And now, attention – a link to this service (this will be a link to the Ethereal project too) http://etherealglobal.systems/partnersix/1991673574 and I hope that you will treat this with the closest attention.

Do not forget also that now we have a list of the best projects for cryptocurrency earnings in 18 categories (!!!) and directions. This list is improving every day with the help of my BestCrypto team, which already has more than 160 people (information is also on the Levelnaut website) and any of you can also join this team.

I recommend to all my readers, followers, subscribers and partners to take this chance.