My Direct Mail

Actually, I don’t have a huge base of my personal direct mail scripts. But this one is used now to organize my contacts and inbox too.

It’s a standard letter, you may not answer it. But you can answer it if you are interested in my personal contact.

In order not to waste your time, I can say, that the only topic I am interested on internet now is “Crypto”.

That means if you are intersted in this topic too, I would be glad to be in correspondance with you personally.

But, please, in this case – name your letter this way – “From XXX XXX (here write your first and last name)” every time you write to me.

This way, your message will be not lost among the tons of others and I will obligatory answer it.

Thank you for understanding. You can really help me to organize the work of my e-mail in a proper way.

Regards, Boris, Siomin
Admin of

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