Team or Solo?

This is a question about how to work on the Internet – in a team or alone? But I only would like to ask you not to hurry with the answer and think well over this topic.

At first glance, the answer is obvious – it is always better and easier to work in a team with partners. This is especially true when we mean working on the Internet.

It is quite possible that you are right when you focus your work on followers, leads and potential partners. But I want to advise you not to relax and not to count too seriously on the fact that someone will help you earn your money.

I have been taking part in networking since 2003 and I can confidently say that times are changing.

Unfortunately, I can not accurately explain the cause of this phenomenon. It is possible that information has become more accessible and more diverse, that the ideas of libertarianism are becoming increasingly dominant in society. Or maybe the struggle for the attention of the Internet user has intensified to the utmost, especially after the ICO boom. It is possible that there are all these reasons and some more.

I simply advise you not to count on someone else when it comes to your personal work on the Internet.

In order not to be disappointed, try to organize the process of getting income on the web so that you are a key figure in this scheme. Treat the emergence of new partners and followers simply as a happy bonus, and not as the main activity.

I understand perfectly well that such a recommendation will not please anyone. But it is your right to take it seriously or continue to expect that someone will start sharing with you the income only for the reason that you gave him the link “to a very good website.”

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