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Today I want to continue the conversation started yesterday. If you remember, we discussed teamwork and individual work in the crypto world. I am a supporter of an individual approach, because I don’t believe in team efforts today. At least, this applies to working with referrals, followers, subscribers and partners.

Therefore, in this article I will tell you exactly how to work in crypto world individually, not relying on a large number of people who want to help you in earning and receiving benefits. The banner of this article will be on the Levelnaut website, so you can always easily find all the necessary information. It will be called “No referrals”.

Here you will find all the necessary links that will be updated and new techniques and methods of individual work in the crypto world. Some links will be referral, but as I have already said, I haven’t been counting on the income from affiliate programs for a long time. So if you want, you can easily cut the reflinks without any remorse.

It may seem to you that the sums that you can earn using the list of sites are not that big. This is a range from 1 to 10 dollars per day (depending on the time you spend). But you can easily increase it with the help of another banner on the Levelnaut website, which is called – Earn. Invest. Promote or with any others. Also, do not forget that in many projects there is a system of levels and incentives for those who work a long time (therefore I strongly recommend that you thoroughly study all the functionality and all project proposals that are listed in my list).

You can also make the same list on any free blogging platform and distribute it to crypto social networks. It is possible that someone will still become your referral. By publishing your reports, reviews and impressions in the crypto social networks, you will also earn good money.

In my work, I use two screens. On one I look at some interesting film, and on the other I have websites where I earn money. In other words, I simultaneously enjoy and earn cryptocurrency. Therefore, I recommend buying a second screen (the screen only, not the second computer!) and doing the same as me.

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