Two new projects

I did not write anything last week, but I have an explanation about this. However, you probably guess this. After all, if I do not write, then I am preparing something new.

In short, these two projects will be called CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer.

Although is dedicated to crypto social networks, there are many other useful information. And this too can be easily explained. Having a good portfolio of coins of crypto social networks is very important (and soon we will continue to speak on this topic), but this is more relevant to the future tense than today.

And today everyone needs to somehow live and somehow survive. That is why, I will soon present on the site two new pages – CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer.

On the page CryptoSolo will be collected projects that allow you to make money alone, without referrals and without teams, quite real money, thanks to good strategies.

And the CryptoDealer project will help earn those who already have start-up capital and want to try their hand at fast projects, HYIPs and new promising crypto services that appear in the crypto world.

Naturally, all this time I selected only the best projects for CryptoSolo, including with the help of our group on the BestCrypto Telegraph.

As for CryptoDealer, here we have to constantly monitor everything that happens in the crypto world – there is simply no other way to succeed in this area.

At the moment, you can find a lot of useful lists and collections with the help of banners on – but I still strongly advise you to subscribe to site news so as not to miss anything of the most interesting in the near future.

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