Despite the fact that this article is called CryptoSolo Links – on social networks you will not find these links. I promised you that I will not publish any links in my articles. But all these links will be on the Levelnaut website and I will even make a special banner on the right side to make it convenient for you to find it.

Therefore, in all other social networks you can read only the announcement of this article. What will be published in it? Here you will find just a huge amount of useful information.

1. Here you will find statistics of all (or almost all) coins that are on the balance of my accounts in crypto social networks. This list and all these data will be supplemented and updated, especially if you comment on it.

2. Here you will find a detailed list of projects that are best suited for individual work and for investment. You can even find out about the project, with which you can buy your own home in the seaside resort.

3. Also here you can find the most important links of the Levelnaut website, which are necessary for working with cryptocurrency and with social networks.

Therefore, I wish all readers of the Levelnaut website success and good money, and I strongly recommend everyone else to subscribe to this site and be always up to date with the most interesting projects.

And now, let’s go into details.

1. This is a screenshot of my balance sheets in crypto social networks. As I said, this list is far from complete, but we will complete and update it together with you.


2. This is a list of the best and most suitable projects for independent work and for investment.

Here are the websites to earn

And here are the websites to invest


And finally, the most useful listings and links of the website

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