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A little later, I will explain what I mean by 15K. But first, I want to talk about how is going on the implementation of plans for the summer, which I had mentioned in one of the previous posts.

We continue optimization of information on the website Levelnaut.com and in other our media. Already has been optimized The full list of crypto social networks and most likely today we will end up with an update of the Potential Crypto Social Networks List. In other words, everything goes according to the plan.

And now, let’s get closer to the topic of the article. I am sometimes told that I give few explanations for investing in crypto projects. But first, the Levelnaut.com website was created for this, so that you, dear readers, would ask questions, and the members of the Levelnaut community would answer them. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your questions on the website or in the BestCrypto group, in which we discuss the most interesting projects.

As I understand it, the accusation refers to the fact that I do not talk much about the Ethereal project, in which I take part practically from the very beginning and work in close contact with its administration.

In the Russian version of this article, you can see an interview with a person who last week invested 15 thousand dollars to MLM Crypto Networks. In this interview there are answers to all the questions that interest you. I just want to remind once again a link for those who want to work in our team together with members of the BsetCrypto group.

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