Dear readers, you are certainly interested in what I will do after the end of the summer, after all my personal plans for the summer are fulfilled. By the way, all of them are practically already implemented and there is no doubt that the task will be completed by 100% or even more.

Task 1

First of all, I will be engaged in a new project. None of you know about it yet. Its launch is scheduled for the end of August this year, 2019. In other words, less than a month is left.

As I have repeatedly written, all the crypto (and traditional) social networks and regular websites on the Internet are divided into 2 large categories – Content Generating and Content Distributing.

So, speaking very briefly (after all, this is still secret, insider information), a new project will be a crypto mlm binary network that containing excellent tools for promotion of any project.

In this project I will be engaged in the development of the English segment. Of course, I will conduct webinars, participate in support services, and lead several specialized groups in social networks.

Attention! As you understand, I will receive my referral link one of the first. Therefore, if you also want to start at the very beginning of the project and be in my team, then closely follow the messages in the BestCrypto group and in my personal CryptoNetLeader groups. There the link to the registration will be published on the same day when I receive it.

Task 2

I plan to seriously reduce the amount of materials, links and other irrelevant information on I hope that this will help me and my team to focus on working with content on crypto social networks and making money in mlm crypto social projects.

Task 3

I will continue to select the most effective tools and websites for promotion, SMM, traffic exchange and search for business partners (referrals).

You will be able to find out how all this work will be promoted in CryptoNetLeader groups and in news messages on Therefore, I recommend subscribing to it and carefully follow the developments. There is very little time left for the most important events.



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