Crypto Manual 3×3

In my last post I described in detail my program for 2019. But some readers have questions on the topic of why I mainly focused on this program – mlm crypto social networks. Now I will answer this question.

There are ONLY TWO legal ways to make money on the Internet – this is the production of content and the spreading the information. The first method is mostly freelancing, and the second is marketing. It is difficult to disagree with this and you all know this very well, dear readers. But there is also a third way – it is the COMBINATION of the production of content with its distribution. This is the first digit 3 at my formula.

And the second number three appears after analyzing the methods of distribution of the content created by me in crypto social networks (and on my website). In short, we can say that this figure is the three ways of spreading the information – networking, promotion and recruiting.

That is, this is what my crypto manual 3 looks like (content production, contribution of information, combining these two methods using social networks crypto) x 3 (networking, promotion, recruiting) = Success and guaranteed earnings. It is especially important that the danger of meeting with a scam is practically reduced to zero (although not 100%).


This formula is the essence of my strategy, which I called CryptoNetLeader and to which I invited all those who read these lines to join. I promise to help you succeed if you follow my recommendations. And I want to remind once again that in less than a week a new project will start, which fits all of the above and in which I will be among the very first participants.

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