Finally it happened and after the long chain of scam websites, outlines of projects appeared that could be worked on for a long time and efficiently.

You can ask me why this time I am sure of success. I will answer with pleasure, even if you do not ask about it. Now be careful, because insider information will go further.

Firstly, the official start of the project, an international club of entrepreneurs, will be announced today. I also enter the management of this project and am absolutely sure that it will be a real positive bomb.

You can find out some details if you can get to today’s webinar conference (08/19/2011 19.00 – Moscow Time), because the virtual hall of this conference is designed for only 300 seats. Just in case, I will give you a link to this event, it is quite possible that you are lucky to be among the participants.

Secondly, Thomas Prendergast (USA), CEO of MarketHive, who is one of the strategic partners of, will be one of the speakers at the club today. By the way, he will come to this meeting with gifts and tell some secrets, which I can’t talk about yet.

Thirdly. You already know that I am conducting my personal project called CryptoNetLeader. I added information to this project that I will lead my MarketHive groups both in Solidar Club and on the website

Fourth. There is still a huge amount of interesting and important information, but I advise you to do everything step by step, otherwise you simply will not be able to digest all this information.

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