Frankly speaking, I didn’t understand at once what the head of Solidar club Vitaliy Mlynko had in mind when he said that “in September there will be heat in the club”. And only now I myself understood what exactly awaits us in September.

Yesterday, one of the club members commented on one of the latest events, he simply said “It’s just fantastic!” And I completely agree with him, because people exhausted by chronic scams on the Internet simply do not believe that there can be anything good here. But it really is. And now I’ll tell about what happened at the club yesterday.

And yesterday, one of the club’s partners, Switips’ top leader Sergey Savich, made a present to the Solidar club members – he presented a triangle, that is, three places he paid personally in the Switips project for us. The total value of this gift is $ 1,000.

It should be added that, he also made a gift to himself, too, and now you will understand why. But first, I’ll tell about what three wonderful opportunities every club member, without any exception, has got.

1. Starting from yesterday, each club member will receive a steady income from any actions that will occur under this account. That is, income from all three places of the “triangle” will be constantly distributed among all members of the club, regardless of whether they registered their own place under this account or not.

2. All the club’s teams (including our team – CryptoNetleader) received this referral link and were able to register their accounts under it. Today I also give it as an exception for all absolutely readers and let it also be a gift for all readers.

3. I also registered my own account in this structure and now I will work with my affiliate link without worrying about who else will join my structure, because (thanks to the club!) this problem has become completely irrelevant.

As for the top leader who made this gift, he received in his structure, thousands or even tens of thousands of new partners. This is how this system works. And taking into account the fact that several more dozens of such gifts are being prepare, and negotiations are being conducted with several hundred more leaders and the companies’ administration, you understand why in September the real heat awaits us in the club.

I hope that now you understand, dear readers, why I recommended urgently subscribing to and joining the CryptoNetleader team , which also participates in the work of this international Solidar club.