How to promote a business? How to find new partners and followers? How to build your own team? How to find a reliable project that will not turn into a scam in a couple of months?

On the one hand, these are difficult questions and cannot be answered quickly and correctly. But on the other hand, there is one way that can help you very much in this.

Moreover, this method will very soon leave all these moronic 14-year-old scam admins who start new scams almost every day – absolutely without any profit.

What is the way? That’s right, it is the same as in the title of this article – you need to come and tell about your business – how it works and how much successful it is.

The Solidar Club still has the opportunity to do this online for small audiences – up to 300 people. But soon this number of participants will increase to a thousand, and meetings will be held even more regularly. Let me remind you that the next such meeting will be held on Friday, September 6 at 12.00 (Moscow time).

You can always find the address of the next conference at the end of this page But I have a big request to all participants to inform in advance about the name of the project or company that you want to talk about so that there is no coincidence. All this is absolutely free.

Moreover, if you want to become a regular member of the club and never lose the members of your team, even when moving to another project, then this can also be done without problems and also free of charge.

To all my readers, I recommend that you pay the most serious attention to this proposal (I also enter the administration of this club) and take this opportunity.