Today I am starting to publish detailed instructions for each of the projects that Solidar Club works with. A detailed list of these projects and detailed instructions will now be regularly posted on the CryptoNetLeader team page on Levelnaut.

In short, WWCapital is the site of the business center, the Switips project affiliate program (cashback service) in more detail, then at the end of this article on the Levelnaut website I will constantly add new instructions, materials, and also report the hottest news.

What is WWCapital?

WWP Capital is a partner community created to promote IT products and services.

We present you a business offer by Sergey Savich, the top leader of WWP CAPITAL.

The project allows you to earn money without promoting any particular product, goods or services. You can earn when people purchase in any stores and receive incomes buying any brands in any stores.

Benefits of the platform:
– free login
– Incomes from all client orders
– Affiliate network incomes
– you may log on stores and receive income
– training system

The company plans to open representative offices in European countries after launching its payment service.

Sources of incomes provided by the Solidar Account at WWP CAPITAL

We will talk about benefits for users of the Solidar account who have joined the club. Everyone will be able to receive income from thousands of stores and partner networks around the world!
If you have registered in the club, you will receive your share of the income, and if you participate in this direction, your income increases many times over.

Sergey Savich, the top leader of WWP CAPITAL, donated the Golden Triangle the Solidar club, it’s worth is $ 1000!
If you subscribe under the Solidar account, you will receive the following benefits:
– you can double your personal income using the Golden Triangle
– If you have no a store, you have an opportunity to log on the store under the Solidar account
Benefits for the club – the club receives from 10 to 15% of the cashback of each logged on store. Further, this income is divided into all members of the club.

Register at and WWCapital through the Solidar Account and we will build our business together!