OASIS is another project that Solidar.club works with and my team in this club called CryptoNetLeader (click on this name to view all projects and all instructions)

Now let’s move on to the OASIS project. Information about this platform will be constantly updated and supplemented.

Company or Project Name: OASIS
Project classification and brief description:
International Blockchain Project
Decentralized database

What is an Oasis and how does it work?

An oasis is a decentralized database. It works on the same principle as blockchain. Everyone can become a member of the network and
to store information of organizations, legal entities or other users on a computer.

Since the Oasis does not have one center, it is impossible to ban it,
close, block or restrict access to it. While there is
at least one node (computer), access to documents and files that are stored on it will be permanent.

Let’s give a simple example to explain what an Oasis is. Everyone knows what torrents are – a technology that allows you to exchange files through users’ computers. You have a movie on your computer, we can distribute it to different users who have access to the torrent file.

Why can’t torrents be blocked? Because you cannot lock all the computers of all people on earth. As long as there is at least one computer that distributes – you can always download your movie.

But what can be blocked?

Usually a site with a description directory is blocked, where information about which movie is located on which computer is stored. This is the fundamental difference between torrents and Oasis.

Torrents are just files, they do not contain a description of what the file is, what content it contains. In other words, you do not know on whose computer the file with your favorite movie is stored. For this you must look for a site with all descriptions, and it is often blocked.
The oasis solves this problem: it contains both the files themselves and the description of
him. But an oasis is more than just a file storage system.

This is precisely the database where files, documents, texts are stored and you can find part of the file by keyword or description.
Thus, the Oasis offers great opportunities for
building a business.

Information can be stored without introducing new technologies,
storage principles for business will remain unchanged. Need to
just connect to the Oasis network (we will provide all the instructions).
No censorship, no bans, your services will be very difficult
to block.

There is no risk that the computer with the information will break down or be
turned off, it will instantly be replaced by other computers – access to
Information around the clock.

Very fast and reliable.

Access speed – millions of requests per second.

Information can be stored both openly and encrypted.
Accounting for storage is carried out by the blockchain and payment for storage occurs in tokens of the Oasis project. But a business can pay both in rubles and dollars under an agreement with Efirus (so that the business does not worry that it needs to master the purchase of cryptocurrency).

The Efirus company itself will buy tokens and itself will pay to the owners of the node.
Security is the same level as the keys to bitcoin wallets.
Information is stored securely and very conveniently.
An oasis is an ideal next-generation network for storing information.

How and when is the total CA income distributed:
At the moment, the distribution is once a month. Further once a week.
5% For Leaders who purchased tokens for a total of $ 120 or higher.
The distribution is equally distributed to all who entered the amount of $ 120.
Starting October 15 – in a weekly distribution, taking into account the Group turnover of each Leader.
2% Advertising and administration fund
2% Optional on Duplication Leaders
1% For all Solidar Club Members, including those who are not involved in the OASIS project!

Representative or Founder of the Project: Dmitry Radkovich, Dmitry Kochin, Alexander Neymark

Link to registration in the OASIS project