Important information for members of the Solidar Club project groups and chats!

Dear friends!

1. We are pleased to welcome new members and hope that our club will not only help you earn money, but also will change your life for the better. More detailed information can be found on the site Despite the fact that the site is under construction, you can already understand the most basic important principles of our club.

2. We are working to ensure that the project works in different languages ​​and in different countries of the world. gradually we will add new languages. Currently, the groups and chats are already working in the following languages ​​

3. We hold regular international conferences in different languages. at these conferences you can not only talk about yourself, but also about your business and your team. If you already have such a desire, then you can add to Skype chat and tell us about it.

Conference Speeches

Story about yourself – up to 1 minute
Story about your team 2 minutes
A story about your business – up to 5 minutes

4. More details You can talk about your business at specialized business conferences. All our meetings are held using the Zoom program at We inform you about the time of these meetings in our groups and chats.

5. We are always happy when new leaders join their club with their teams. You can learn about how your teams work in Solidar Club using the example of the CryptoNetLeader team (Team Leader – Boris Siomin)

6. Sorry if your name or contact information was mistakenly added to one of our groups or chats. It is possible that someone else came to us with the same name as yours. but in this case, do not rush to leave our groups, but pay attention to our proposal and study it more carefully. Today it is very difficult to find reliable and serious projects for business on the Internet. But you can trust our team of experts, we carefully check all the offers that are on the market.