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As you already know (if you carefully read the articles on the site), a few days ago the Millz System project was launched. This project is the most successful of those in which I had the opportunity to participate recently.

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A detailed description of this project can be found at and there is also an instruction on how to work in this project.

The only thing that is not in this description is the most profitable referral link. The link that is indicated there is an ordinary affiliate link, which is located quite high in the structure, but it is not the topmost one.

The very first link in this project is the link of program developers. My link is in the second position, as Solidar Club management has provided me this place for active participation in the project.

Finally, a third link will now be provided to you. After registration, you will take the 3rd line in the structure of the Millz System project. At the moment, hundreds of users are already registered in the project (about 800 people – at the time of this writing) and almost all of them will be in the structure below you.

Here is the link

Do not waste time, register faster. Registration in the project is free. If you want to earn more, then buy a BIP coin and take part in the affiliate program of the pool. This is the main coin of the Minter blockchain. Transaction duration – up to 5 seconds. All details are indicated on the page above. I wish you all success.

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