Many people who join Solidar Club do not immediately and fully understand the model of this project. There is nothing surprising in this, since this business has a lot of directions.

Nevertheless, there is one general scheme, thanks to which you can understand the main direction. This scheme can best be described in the following sequence of actions.

1. You are the owner or participant of a business project. You want to tell a large audience about him and find new followers, partners or customers.

2. You join any of the Club’s Solidar chats and make an appointment with the club manager or support team.

3. You take part in a regional or international conference where you make a small presentation (up to 5 minutes) of your business.

4. After that, a special group of experts, which includes developers, project managers, top leaders, bloggers, traders and investors, carefully studies your project.

5. If your project is approved by this group, then you need to offer an affiliate program. You can create it yourself or with our help. If you already have an existing (or starting) business, then you must provide it with profitable places (as a rule, this is the “golden triangle”) at the disposal of Solidar Club for free.

6. All Solidar club members receive a small share of the income of these places, so they are willing to join the new project, after its presentation at new conferences and meetings in the club.

7. First of all, information about new projects is received by top leaders, and then all the other members of the club.

As I said, this is only the main activity of the club. There are also many other areas in Solidar Club, as well as a special reward system that attracts thousands of new members.

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