What’s next? This is the most popular question that I get after a new member joins Solidar Club. Therefore, today I will answer this question in more detail.

Since I am responsible for the club’s work in different countries of the world, my explanation will be based on this position. In other words, if you want to be Solidar Club representatives in different countries of the world, then this information is for you.

But first of all, I will talk about what you will get if you cooperate with the club in this direction. Since the club is currently an ordinary online community of interested people, we do not have official salaries. Moreover, if you fully understand the idea of the club, then you realize that there is no sense in salaries

On the other hand, a reward system for the most active participants is already being developed and there are many different prizes, bonuses and promotions. Suffice it to say that many project owners give out their coins even for attending online eventsб conferences or Pumpillion sessions. This is much easier than participating in a bounty, for example.

In addition, representatives in different countries of the world get an excellent opportunity to join, among the very first ones, to new projects, and then develop them in their own country, in their own region.

And now I’ll talk about what needs to be done in order to become a representative of Solidar club in your region.

1. Register on the club website. fill out the Google form, personal accounts and official registration will appear on the club’s website soon.

2. Join any active group or chat to receive information from this list https://levelnaut.com/2019/09/22/skype-and-telegram-chats-of-solidar-club/

3. Register in all projects with which Solidar club https://levelnaut.com/cryptonetleader already cooperates and gradually study the basic information about them with the help of Instructions and videos.

4. Once again, see the list of chats and groups. If you see that the group or chat does not have the name of the representative, then you can inform me on Telegram @solidar_club_Eng or on Skype live:boris.siomin to inform about your desire.

5. You can open your group or chat in any social network or messenger, even one that is not yet on this list. Start inviting your acquaintances and friends there and other partners will send new participants to you.

6. If you want to become the top leader of the Solidar Club in your country, then after that you can conduct webinars and even offline meetings in your region.

7. If you do everything that is written above, then you can be among the very first participants to connect to the newest, best and most promising projects on the Internet. In addition, we will help you build your own regional or international team of your followers and partners.

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