I’ll tell about where to come a little later. But first I would like to tell why should you come.

In fact, you won’t have to go anywhere physically and I invite you to an online meeting at Solidar Club.

Starting tomorrow, all these meetings will be held in a new format, so read all this information carefully. This is especially important for those Solidar club members who want to be representatives of the club in their region or speakers at these conferences.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be in ENGLISH. What does it mean? This means that if someone wants to speak in his own language, then he must come to a meeting with his translator (interpreter).

This rule applies to all meetings at Solidar Club. They will be held in many languages. But if someone wants to take part in such a meeting, then he must speak either in the language of the conference or have his own translator.

I also want to remind the common meeting schedule

Story about yourself – up to 1 minute
Story about your team 2 minutes
A story about your business – up to 5 minutes

To speak at the conference, you must enroll in advance and report on your speech.

The maximum duration of the conference is 1 hour (in exceptional cases, up to one and a half hours).

TOMORROW, October 25, 2019, the conference will be held at 15.00 (3.00 PM) MOSCOW TIME. The meeting will be held using the Zoom
In the program of the meeting:

– speech by the founder of Solidar Club (Vitaliy Mlynko), in which he will talk about the club and how to earn and develop your business here;
– blogger’s speech (Andrey Zharikov), in which he will talk about how bloggers can earn money at Solidar Club
– speaker’s information (Boris Siomin), in which he will talk about the prospects for the development of the club in the regions of the world.
– speeches of other club members who have enrolled in advance or want to ask a question to the conference speakers.

In addition, as usual at the meeting there will be a lot of insider information and pleasant surprises.

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