It is an option for an extended presentation of a partnership project at Solidar Club.

The name comes from the English words Pump (to pump) Million (Million)
An online meeting takes place in the form of an interactive game, such as brainstorming with a prize pool.

The presenter offers a question-task, which he provides to the participants of the meeting for consideration. That is, in fact, this is a very short presentation of the business, followed by a brainstorming question.

For example, a story about the project itself (up to 5 minutes), and at the end its phrase “But I would like to solve the following question. How…?”

Participants in the presentation are gradually drawn into the brainstorming process (How else? After all, the best ideas will be rewarded by the presenter or his business group)
You can write suggestions and comments in chat or voice. Leading bloggers skillfully direct interactive to ensure that the presenter, answering questions or comments, give as much information as possible about his project.

You can hold not only an individual Pumpillion, but also a team, in which various business teams take part.

This event is promoted in advance and potential participation is “warmed up” by the prize fund, promotions, bonuses. This motivates the participants to understand the essence of the project and move from the “cold market” to the “warm” one.

Therefore, when distributing prizes, it is important to focus on beginners. The gaming moment contributes to the active involvement of the youth audience. And enhancing team spirit.

It is also important not only to make the most of this information occasion, but also to actively disseminate information about the meeting in blogs, social networks, etc.

Addition 1

It can easily be used as a tool for 1. Focus groups (for any product or service) 2. Bounty (for any startup or ICO) 3. Business presentations 4. Brainstorming (task-solution), etc. . (at least a few more options). You can enter a PUM coin which will be encouraged by everyone who comes to such an event. The organizer will have to buy a certain number of coins, for example 1000 – which will be divided by the number of participants of the Pumpillion Show (if they send wallets) And since the coin will belong to us again, they will have to buy it from us, mine and reward participants conferences (plus bonuses for the most interesting offers). It will work more effectively than any CRM – because it will be an instant, not a long-term bounty

Addition 2

We can organize a special online School for the preparation of the leading Pumpillion Show. These people over time can become not only real online stars, but also make good money. They can receive 10% of the total prize pool, for example.

Addition 3

We can enter into an agreement with the Zoom online platform, for example, to get the best conditions, and instead, conduct a Pumpillion Show once a month with an affiliate program of this service. The same agreement can be concluded with other interested partners – the creators of the Pumpillion coin, advertising and CRM services, etc. In addition, it was at these obligatory events that the new leading Pumpillion Show could train, who were trained at the school of the project.

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