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Actually, you can get all the necessary information to the subject very quickly by simply checking the most popular resources for online learning. You can find many of them by this link:

Online Education

Naturally, this list is far from complete. The fact is that now the ministries of education of many countries simply require universities to post free courses on the web.

This is done for various reasons, which we will not discuss now, the fact itself is important. In addition, for many of them, this is a chance for additional part-time work together with Internet services specializing in this.

The fact is that some diplomas can be obtained only for a certain fee, which is also relatively low, especially taking into account the fact that the data on your completion of the course is officially entered in the register of the educational institution.

The average cost of such a paid diploma is approximately $50. Agree that this is a bit for prestigious universities such as Stanford or Cambridge, Yale or Berkeley, for example.

In short, that’s all. But if you have any questions, I will answer them with pleasure. Ask them in the comments on this article.

This list, of course, will be supplemented and updated, since for so many Internet users, studying online is of great importance.

In the meantime, here’s an example for you, only a few certificates (diplomas), which are issued, for example, by the Australian Open University, and it’s completely FREE, and even with a RECORD OF ESTIMATES. And note that the second diploma is the University of New Zealand.

I finished these courses a few years ago, but now there are much more opportunities for studying online and graduating from popular universities.





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