Traffic is a magic word not only for drug dealers, but also for webmasters and for any networkers. I know that a large number of them read my articles, so I focus more on this audience, and not on the criminal community.

As you already know, there have been a lot of changes on the Levelnaut website and a huge section on online learning has been added here. By the way, this article will not be shared (for the first time!) in crypto groups, but in online learning groups and nowhere else.

Therefore, draw the appropriate conclusions and subscribe to the website in the case that you have not yet done it.

And today we’ll talk about motivated and unmotivated traffic. Most of you, dear readers, of course understand what I mean. But anyway, I will say a few words for beginners.

When you come across information about ATTRACTING traffic to any website or to any offer on the Internet, then most likely we are talking about motivated traffic. In other words, the user receives some kind of compensation in return for his loyalty, for the fact that he agrees to read about any offer.

CPA (cost per action) networks that earn on attracting affiliate traffic are, as a rule, categorically against motivated traffic. You can understand them, because it is in this area that there are too many fraudulent tricks and combinations. They are much more pleased to deal with unmotivated traffic, that is, people who “accidentally” encounter a proposal and respond positively to it.

But I’ll tell you about one case that happened to me personally, and then you will draw your own conclusions. The fact is that you can’t talk about some kind of “abstract users” if you want to become a real traffic specialist, that is, an arbitration specialist. Therefore, some technologies can be tested on yourself.

About six months ago, I decided to conduct one experiment on sites on freelance and micro tasks. I will not talk about this in detail now, but I will say that I completed several tasks there, including registration in new projects.

In one of the cases, I completed the task and received a reward for it as usually. But this is not the end of the story. The project in which I registered turned out to be a relatively new service and I went further. I decided to invest about a hundred dollars in cryptocurrency in this project. I don’t want to name this project so as not to distract you, but you can easily find it using banners on the Levelnaut website. I am still watching this project from aside, but… But it has already brought me 200$, instead of $ 100 invested.

What am I talking about right now? I say that motivated traffic is not always bad and it is not always evil. It can benefit not only the one who organizes this traffic, but also the one who takes part in this traffic. I do not mean shoes from Amazon or socks from Aliexpress.

I hope to know your opinion, dear readers and get your comments. And also I advise those who have not yet subscribed to the Levelnaut website to do this as quickly as possible so as not to miss the most interesting.

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