Good-bye, webinar!

What do you think, dear readers – what do the Pope, the TV and the webinar have in common? Most likely, you will be surprised at this choice and it is unlikely to immediately determine the reason why I propose to answer this question.

Therefore, I will try to explain something before you begin to analyze. So, let’s start with the Pope. Recently, Thereisnews, a fake news site, published an article stating that the Pope is proposing “to change the Bible because it is out of date.” It is interesting that a huge number of people in the world believed this news and there are reasons for this. Religions are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their positions and those tales that have been told to people for centuries – today they are too diverging from reality and the younger generation simply does not understand what is being said.

The television audience is also decreasing every day and here too everything is clear. I don’t want to name the countries in which they believe television, more and more people in the world understand that television is a system of propaganda and lies paid by the government. As a rule, today TV is trusted by those people who do not want to think about the present or the future and live only with memories from the “beautiful past”. They don’t even want to accept the fact that the world’s population has grown almost three times since the advent of television and that life has also changed very significantly.

And now you may ask – what does the webinar have to do with it? The fact is that, like religion and television, a webinar is also a zombie technology. And today, an attempt to make a brainless herd even from a small group of people is very difficult.

Why is webinars, coaches, gurus and other zombie technologies and their representatives in the past? There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, people began to value their life much more. The time has already passed when only “experienced gurus” owned certain information and broadcasted “exclusive webinars”. On the other hand, mobile capabilities, technologies that optimize personal time management and desire to earn more come out in the first place. People are more confidently finding the necessary information and its use is only a matter of having suitable free time, and not attending long and little informative events on the Internet.

Secondly, all people are different. They have different ages, experience, interests, lifestyle, etc. Therefore, gathering all in one pile or making army soldiers of some kind of project today is also completely pointless. It does not work, it does not provide the necessary motivation or at least such a deficit in our days positive.

Thirdly, if a person still finds time, he very carefully decides where to invest it. A time has passed when, thanks to zombie technologies, people invested their time and money in “stone, wood and iron.” Today, investments in health,self-education, and positive are becoming more and more confident in the first place. For this reason, for example, I prefer to invest time in those topics that interest me – in a healthy lifestyle, in crypto, in online education and advertising business technologies. Someone invests their time in other areas of activity and personal interests, but, in my opinion, no one is ready to spend long hours on webinars on the Internet.

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