To be or to become?

This question does not apply to Hamlet. The point here is completely different and you will understand what exactly, if you read this post to the end.

Today we will continue the conversation about the right investments and what it means to be a rich person.

Our world is changing so rapidly that global changes occur in the life of one generation, and not according to new epochs or eras. Moreover, thanks to globalization, the fact where you live is far from becoming the main thing. Life becomes the same everywhere. And for this it’s not necessary to travel a lot at all, just watch, for example, video blogs of modern travelers during your sports training.

Unfortunately, not all people understand this and they remain far in the past, live by some past memories and feelings, and are in illusions about long-gone times and events.

For example, one of the misconceptions today is understanding wealth. And here it’s not even a general concept. I have always said that true wealth is not the availability of big money, but the absence of big problems.

But today, how and where a person invests is also of great importance. Unfortunately, we have not yet come close to immortality, so it is very strange to watch how some people are still trying to save as much money as possible, luxury homes or expensive cars. In my deep conviction, all this is just an excuse to quarrel the heirs and give them an excuse to wish your speedy death.

Today it is much more important to invest correctly in yourself, in your loved ones, in your health, in your education. In other words, it is more correct to invest in those things that are always with you, regardless of what is happening around.

I do not want to simplify all of the above, but if we talk about those who today work on the Internet, I can give a simple example. If you know one or several additional languages, know how to build a site on the WordPress platform, or at least a little understanding of cryptocurrency, then today you will not be lost. Gradually, of course, you need to improve and strengthen your knowledge and skills in various directions, but it is advisable to invest not in what is outside, but in what is inside your head and in the body that this head controls.

That is why I urge you not to be rich, but to become a truly rich modern person. Then you better begin to understand what is happening around, rather than what is being imposed on you on TV.

If you notice, even on the Levelnaut website there have been a lot of changes recently, which are connected with this. Now there are many tools that can help you achieve your goal. Therefore, I recommend that you subscribe to this site and take a more active part in discussing issues that arise with readers and subscribers. And together we will discuss and comment on these issues. And this is also a great tool to achieve the goal that is written in this article.

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