I wrote this instruction throughout 2019, and have been collecting material for it over the past ten or so years. Of course, I could sell this information product, but it’s enough for me that you are subscribers of the website and this is my gratitude to you, my bonus for your loyalty.

The path that I will tell you can go through for a year or several years, or you can not go at all, it is up to your decision. My task is to share information with you, and help you make the choice yourself.

This path is very difficult. And the thing is not even that today there is a lot of scam on the Internet and not even that competition has grown signifiicantly in recent years.

The fact is that in order to effectively engage in arbitrage or succeed in affiliate marketing you will need two important things – money and knowledge.

I want to warn you right away that you will need serious money, especially for a beginner – at least from 1 to 5 thousand dollars. But even if you already have such an amount, you need to get very, very serious knowledge and skills. Therefore, the best option is to collect money as you gain knowledge.

In this article, you will now receive the most detailed, step-by-step guide, but much will probably be incomprehensible, and sometimes you will have to find answers yourself or ask questions in the comments to this article or to any others on the site By the way, I hinted at this guide exactly when I made list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

Now, let’s take it in order. But you must understand that many of the steps, especially those related to the acquisition of start-up capital, can be combined, and you will have to learn new things constantly.

1. Decide on the niches in which you will work. That is, it is advisable to think over several areas that are interesting to you or which you understand. The fact is that although it is easier to work in one direction, you should not forget about competition, diversification and your personal information satiety. For example, I chose for myself three areas – crypto, online learning and promotion. These topics are close and interesting to me, and besides, they partially overlap. But you can choose any others.

2. I also recommend creating your blog on the WordPress platform and posting on this blog your daily impressions. In other words, it will be your personal business diary and a guide for those who will follow you. I chose this platform for many reasons. The main one (and absolutely all webmasters understand me very well now!) I NEVER had any problems with hosting. In addition, now this site not only costs me free of charge even at a business rate, but also pays me serious money, which I send to invest. You can start with the free version, but gradually move to higher levels and tariffs.

3. You need to select the payment methods with which you will work. I mainly use cryptocurrency, WMZ and Paypal. But so that you never have any problems, I recommend gradually creating accounts in all the most popular services. Now I mean the ones that are mentioned on my list of payment systems on the Levelnaut website.

4. Create mailboxes in all popular mail services, at least in GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL and others. Try to get as many of your contacts as possible in the main GMAIL account. They will be very useful to you when you begin to create (or seriously increase) your team. The fact is that in all social networks and groups with which you will work – there will be such an option – “add your GMAIL contacts”. And you can act absolutely efficiently without any paid and far from always effective automatic programs and services.

5. Start creating your initial capital. Collect all your free finances on the payment platforms and wallets with which you will work. Get all the money out of projects that don’t bring you passive income. Use every free minute – it is money too (even more than usual). In this case, even cryptocurrency faucets and other projects for comparatively quick way earning on the Internet.

6. When you start to accumulate more or less serious amounts, then try to invest them in projects to obtain passive income. I understand that today it is very difficult to find relatively safe options. Therefore, I advise you to turn to more experienced users in this matter. For example, my Levelnaut teams, CryptoNetLeader and BestCrypto select projects based on many indicators. And I personally prefer the services that offer POS and DPOS mining as a passive income.

7. Another important element of your success is promotion. Unfortunately, today there are very few effective advertising tools for your own projects, especially when it comes to free options. But even here you have great deals. You can also create accounts in the popular crypto social networks and even receive cryptocurrency for telling about those projects in which you participate. In addition, you can exchange information in groups specially created by me (lists on menu) and it is here that you can invite your friends and potential partners. Here, hundreds of thousands of users are already receiving information today, and with your help we will not only increase this number to millions, but you yourself can become a moderator of any of these groups.

8. If you are patient and find time to share the information received during the work on the pages of your blog, then you will have an additional, referral income, which can also be used in promoting the business.

9. The most difficult thing in this matter is not to immediately pull out the money earned or received through passive income. As I told you at the beginning of the article, in order to successfully act in arbitration or in affiliate marketing, you will need a very serious amount. When you finally have it, then you can start registration at CPA networks and select suitable offers.

10. It is from this moment that your real study will begin. You will have to be very well aware of not only the appropriate target audience, know exactly the portrait of the potential consumer, but also learn how to test all kinds of services for mass advertising, analyze cases and do a lot of other interesting, but most importantly profitable work. But by then, I hope you will already become a REAL SPECIALIST in your field and will not lose your budget in any hype trap.

This, of course, is an incomplete guide, but we can start from this and make changes as we work. Therefore, of course, even in this article (it will be the main menu of the Levelnaut website), corrections and additions will appear over time. As always, I advise everyone to stay in touch, and those who have not signed up to urgently subscribe to and keep track of all updates on time.

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