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Honestly, I did not even expect such a large number of responses and messages to one of the last posts of the Levelnaut website. Subscribers are well aware of what is being discussed, and I will remind everyone else that this is an article – Case: Group Power Daily from $ 20 to $ 100 published on January 6.

On the one hand, I understand that the prospect of earning from $20 to $100 on the Internet is suitable for someone. Indeed, if you work regularly and intensively to develop this business, then it is quite possible to go out to earn several thousand dollars a month.

On the other hand, in my opinion, the time of life is much more expensive than the money. Unfortunately, we do not always remember this. Therefore, I am a supporter of doing what I love, and not that that brings a lot of money. A combination of these two concepts is an extremely rare occurrence these days.

Nevertheless, I received hundreds or perhaps even thousands of responses and, of course, questions on social networks. Unfortunately, I can’t answer each of you personally, so I’ll make a few general explanations.

1. In order for the groups indicated in the article to be more effective and have a more effective impact on the potential customer, you need to not only use what I created, but also actively develop these groups yourselves. Invite as many new users as possible – first become ther friends, and then offer the opportunity to join a group. As I have already indicated in the article, use the opportunity to invite in bulk, that is, through the available option to add friends to a group through mail contacts.

2. On sites for freelancers, create an attractive portfolio where you describe in detail your SMM opportunities, directions and be sure to specify statistics – the number of groups, users, a link to your blog (or a site with more complete information), etc.

3. Promote regularly with all available means (paid and free) your service. Describe interesting cases, talk about the results, do not be afraid to share your experience, you will benefit even more from this yourselves.

4. Notify me and other users of new features. That is, if you find on the Internet a new crypto social network (with rewards in cryptocurrency) or an ordinary, traditional social network with the opportunty to create groups, write about it right away. Just before that, be sure to check everything, it is quite possible that this project is already in the lists of the Levelnaut website (just enter the name of what you want to offer in the Search).

5. Especially for this occasion, I have created a group in the Telegram called SMM Office. In this group I invite both those who want to work in this direction and those who need effective promotion and are willing to pay for it even if they have a very limited budget.

In short, this is all I wanted to report on the case mentioned above, all the other details and questions in the group on Telegram.

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