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The community of levelnaut.com is closely following the most interesting trends in the world of crypto business. Today you will learn about such a recently popular form of passive crypto income called staking.

And also you will get a list in which the names of the coins are indicated and links to the most suitable sites where these coins can be staked are given. They were selected for you by members of the Levelnaut community, as well as Best Crypto, CryptoNetleader and SMM Office groups.

In the process, we will regularly replenish and update this list, so subscribe to our site, stay tuned, comment and supplement the information.

Staking is one of the most interesting types of passive receiving cryptocurrency. Its main difference from the Holding is that you can count not only on the growth in the value of cryptocurrencies, but also on the receipt of a certain percentage of transactions that are carried out in a particular blockchain.

In Staking, the amount of your reward depends on how many coins you have deposited in the network, as well as several other factors.

This, of course, is somewhat reminiscent of cloud mining. But compared to cloud mining, staking is a much less risky way of generating passive income.

We specially made this list very convenient for work. Here you can not only find the name of the token you need and its symbol, but also one of the platforms where this token can be sent to the stake.

In addition, in the very near future a list of the most convenient tools, services and calculators for staking will be published. Our community members are already working with all these resources and tools and are happy to share with everyone who is interested.

We hope that you will also join the discussion of this topic on the pages of the Levelnaut website and on the crypto social networks of the Internet.

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