Many of you love insiders, dear readers. And this is not surprising, because the possession of some additional secrets not only increases self-esteem, but also provides additional tools for business success.

Today I want to share one such inside. I want to say right away that this post will be published only on this website and I do not plan to publish any information on social networks and other media.

So far this is only exclusive information for those who are closely following my participation in the most interesting projects. That is, this post is only for those who are a regular follower of the Levelnaut website.

As you already know, one of the most interesting projects in which I participated recently was the Decenturion project. The idea of ​​building a true digital decentralized blockchain state was very close to me. And when I was offered the position of spress-secretary for working with English-speaking citizens, then of course I agreed.

It was a very interesting and successful period in terms of business, but unfortunately it turned out to be short-lived, despite the grandeur of the project. Unfortunately, the human factor worked inside the project and some of the project organizers were not ready for the scale and degree of responsibility.

After that, for a long time I could not and did not want to engage in any other projects. For a very short time, with two former Decenturion colleagues, I tried to create some kind of online club of business leaders. But to be honest, this idea did not greatly inspire me and very soon I refused to participate in this club.

Honestly, I no longer thought of doing anything like that and decided to focus on working with the site, on cryptocurrency stacking and other activities.

But more recently, one event happened that made me change my mind. For more than one year I watched one project and even was registered in it, but did not take it seriously. At first, this project seemed to me like a regular service, something like a joint pool for earning fiat and cryptocurrency.

But soon in this project, interesting things began to happen. Never underestimate the role of the online community. And if this community has excellent implementers – managers, programmers and team leaders, then the situation can even change for the better.

Today, this project switched to its own blockchain and created its own coin on this blockchain. A huge number of related businesses are open here – starting from trading platforms and ending with its own cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition to its own coin, the community is actively working with other popular coins, including PRIZM and BIP, which are gaining popularity.

That is why, when I was offered here to engage in the same direction as in Decenturion – organizing the work of the international department, I gladly agreed.

Well, now the insider promised at the beginning of the article. In the very near future, a direction called Accelerator will begin to work in the project. In short, this module (in fact a separate website (like all the others) will increase the power of the entire project tens, if not hundreds of times.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything more about this, but you will find out everything in the near future. If you are interested in everything that I wrote above, you can find a go to the page of this site, where I will build the international department of this project and I invite all of you to join this work.