Chapter 1. Who is this?

You have read the title of this book “Levelnauts” and cannot remember such a word? This is not surprising at all, because you have never heard of levelnauts before, unless you read my first book “New Year – Every Three Months”.

A little later, I corrected the definition of this word for the first time. I want to remind you what the second definition looked as follows “Levelnaut is a person, that is, a traveler in time and space, who goes through various levels of his self-development. The key difference from other people is that all other people, in one way or another, can also move to the next levels of development, but the initiative will not always come from himself, but from the requirements of society”.

In principle, the second definition is also relevant today, but it is still necessary to make a small clarification, which appeared during the work on the Elven Land project.

Levelnaut is a new type of person. This is an attempt to adapt to life in new conditions. New conditions can be understood not only as the era of quantum computers and artificial intelligence, but also the era of incessant pandemics and a new round of singularity, which is marked not only by extremely positive moments.

By the way, about the positive aspects. Perhaps you will be interested in the reason that prompted me to write a book about levelnauts and organize their description.

This concept is very closely related not only to my own lifestyle, but also to life priorities in general. I always try to follow two important concepts in my life: creativity and positivity. And I am calm. They are the main instruments of God, or whatever we call him. Therefore, my main goal and the meaning of my life is diligence.

In the book of my aphorisms there is such a statement. “If you want the conceived option to work, then prepare at least ten. So that it somehow softens the severity of … the realized eleventh.” You can consider the Levlenauts project as one of the options for preparing for the future. Although one of my close associates, co-founder of Elven Land Ari Reuven (Dmitry Averyanov) keeps telling me that “we are working on our projects from the future.” It may be so, but I am not such an adherent of Kabbalah as he is, so I try to describe everything in a more down-to-earth manner, more understandable to an ordinary person.

The full version of this book you can find here Levelnauts

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