Chapter 2. What for?

Why is it necessary to invent a “new person” or, more precisely, a new “system of human survival”? Why is it impossible to live in the old way and adhere to the old material and moral values?

Well, let’s start with the simplest question. Is it enough now to just be a rich person to be happy? What a simple question, isn’t it? In most cases, the answer will be yes. But is it really so? The answer to this question can be the plot of the Korean film “Parasite”, which received the highest Academy Award in the field of cinematography.

This film simply destroys the conventional wisdom that “the main thing is to have money, and everything else can be bought.” The class that serves the rich today has changed dramatically. Roughly the same thing happens not only in real life, but also in virtual life. The only difference is that rich people can do simple housework to take care of themselves in case of urgent need. But if they do not have knowledge in the field of the Internet, then they are forced to trust those who have the appropriate skills. And no one, absolutely no one in the world will guarantee that they will not act like the heroes of the film “Parasites”.

What is the way out of this situation? Exit in training or self-education. This is a completely separate topic and its basics can be understood only after reading the book of the same name. And even then it is unlikely that many will immediately agree with the concept outlined in it. And the chances that it will be positively perceived by society are small, since it implies the COMPLETE destruction of the existing education system as a relic of the past. The Chinese karmic model of modern society is definitely a step forward, but the question is where? In my opinion, totalitarianism has never been the best solution for successful development.

At this point I will allow myself to quote one of my articles, which is called “School Monetization”.

Do you consider the modern school as a really effective tool for the development of society? Please answer this question as honestly as possible. Answer to yourself, not to officials or politicians.

I don’t think your answer will be a positive one. Therefore, I will allow myself some reasoning and assumption, especially since this applies not only to my main profession, but also to my passion for crypto. Unlike Sting, Jack Ma or Tatiana Bakalchuk, I am still an English teacher, although my success in business is much more modest.

But on the other hand, I am absolutely sure that the modern school is in dire need of serious changes, and if my business ideas are successful (I mean Levelnaut, Elven Lands, Poziturbo and some others) I will definitely start promoting the monetization of the school.

What I mean? Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (it turns out that even such a terrible phenomenon has positive aspects), humanity is convinced that it is quite possible, convenient and cost-effective to switch to online education.

In this regard, we should have a question – what is a school? Is it a place where they teach or is it a place where children and adolescents are kept while their parents exchange their life to money for living ?

After you answer this question, it is quite possible that you will like the idea of ​​how to monetize today’s school. How to do it? This is another question.

I think that the answer should be found in the certification system, which should be introduced in the widest possible way into our modern life.

Simply put, no matter how you receive your education, it is important that you regularly undergo certification to ensure that your knowledge and skills match. In this case, many problems will be solved, and not only in the educational, but also in the production sphere.

Certification and again certification. This is the key to the success of every inhabitant of the planet earth, this is a way not only to tear him away from the couch and TV, but also an opportunity to succeed in life.

As for the forms of certification, there can be a huge number of them, but it is in this case that the successful monetization of the school as an educational business is possible.

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