Chapter 3. Where is that?

After presenting to you my point of view on school and on the monetization of the school system, I would like to add a few words about the so-called “higher academic education”, which can go straight to the dustbin. Today it is generally an absolutely senseless waste of 5-6 years of life and state money. Except for literally a few institutions of higher education, everything else is just deliberate money laundering by the state.

Answer yourself to a simple question, what is the point in five years of training in new technologies, if these very technologies are rapidly changing now every year, and the textbooks on which curricula are completely behind the relevance for decades?

After that, it will be more clear to you the direction in which you can acquire knowledge. By the way, the coronavirus pandemic partly suggested in which direction to move. Most of all educational processes on the entire planet Earth for a fairly long period of time took place on the Internet. All exams were taken there. In the same place, in the future, you can go through most of the checks for certification of specialists.

All transformations must be done urgently and thoroughly, since with the advent of the era of quantum computers and ubiquitous robotization, all such archaisms will fade into the past with great speed.

So, as you may have guessed, as a result of the reform, education should be the following chain: the brain – a virtual source of information – certification. The details of this scheme can and should be discussed, but without a clear understanding of the algorithm, progress in this direction is impossible.

Summing up and answering the question raised in the title of this chapter, we get the answer – all training and control over its quality will take place online or in some other way, but one way or another, in the virtual world.

If we talk about the place of application of the knowledge gained, then there are possible options, since a complete transition to the virtual world will not happen in the near future, therefore, the application of the acquired skills will be possible both there and there.

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