Chapter 4. What to do?

After you have read the first three chapters of this book, you may have a feeling of confusion about what exactly to do in this situation. This is not surprising, because for many years the system worked according to absolutely the same pattern all over the world.

But in fact, nothing terrible is happening and it is just necessary to make some adjustments to the project called Humanity. Just look how easily these adjustments were made by a microscopic virus! Almost all of humanity rebuilt under new conditions when the question arose about the survival of the species. Teaching people other things is just as important a survival issue. And it is foolish to pretend that education and training is something else, that it is a less important priority.

First of all, it is necessary to teach children self-education, self-study of the topics and information directions they like. You can say that this is beyond your power and that the same lame school with its backward teachers should do it. In this case, just give your child any computer game and see how quickly he learns to play it himself. Therefore, I say again – stop lying to yourself. Just teach your child to receive and process information. It is as easy or not as difficult as you imagine it to be.

After a person, regardless of his biological age, has learned to self-study, he can continue learning, independently choosing directions and levels.

Over time, the social system will learn to clearly record the levels of a specialist “it is not so important in what” and such a journey through the levels will be not only interesting, but also in demand by society. Automatic certification will help you avoid the millions of problems that so-called collective or mass education brings.

At the same time, the level sliding system will be polished more and more, and the knowledge acquired in this way will be of higher quality, since control over their quality will be transferred to programs and robots.

At the same time, each person can and must decide for himself when, how, where and what levels he should overcome, what knowledge to get and in what volume.

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