Chapter 5. How to do it?

After we have answered all the previous questions, we have new ones. If everything is more or less clear with the transitions to each next level, then it is necessary to make a few more clarifications.

Firstly, as it was said earlier, the main tools of levelnaut are positive and creative. Therefore, the first recommendation is quite obvious – you need to try to do everything positively and creatively. Of course, no one canceled the deadlines, but time limits should not affect these indicators. If you have problems with time to complete a task and go to the next level, then you can use the recommendations from the first book about levelnauts.

In addition, when performing any tasks, it is advisable to focus on the border areas of the object or research topic, since they are the most promising from the point of view of finding new solutions. the fact is that most people, when performing any tasks, for the most part use direct schemes and proven methods.

And one more important point. Always, in every task, it is important to find a trigger for yourself, the moment that is really interesting to you. In this case, you will receive not only satisfaction from success, but also new information that will be useful to you in the future.

As for the conditions for performing level transitions and your environment, this is also certainly important, but it is not something critically necessary. The fact is that the support of other levelnauts can be obtained today in a variety of ways, and different conditions for completing the next task only add experience and new information to the common levelnauts database.

You can say that everything described in this chapter is more related to general recommendations. Well, then let’s look at a very specific example in the next chapter.

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