Chapter 7. Why do we need forecasts?

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that futuristic predictions are very important for levelnauts. Let’s take a look at why they are important and how to use them.

As we have already determined earlier, positive and creative are important tools in our activity. But the question is, where exactly should these tools be directed for better progress forward and upward?

The answer to the question can be precisely futurological forecasts. Moreover, it is important not only to learn how to analyze the schemes of well-known futurologists in the community, but also to make your own assumptions and predictions in various fields.

We are not now talking with you about science fiction as a genre of fiction, but we rely on very specific data based on already existing objects and phenomena.

After all, if you do not engage in such activities, then there is a high probability that the levelnaut will follow for the thousandth time along the path that millions of people have traveled before him. And this will not bring absolutely any benefit to our community and no new information will be received.

Does it make sense to move to the next level like this? And in general, does it make sense to consider this a transition in a personal and not in a social aspect?

I’m not even talking about how interesting the topic of futurological predictions is, not only for the levelnaut community, but also for the majority of advanced people on our planet.

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