Chapter 8. What terminology is needed?

But this is no longer such a simple question as it might seem at first glance. But if we have already raised this topic, then it makes sense to talk about the internal terminology of levelnauts and the external one, which was partially discussed in the previous chapter.

However, in the first book on levelnauts, I already made an attempt to introduce some terms to systematize the levelnaut lifestyle, but I’m still not sure which ones will take root. The fact is that the whole system has not yet become widespread and only time will tell how well the terms were chosen.

There are theories that words are more than units of communication or labels for actions or objects. I do not want to occupy your attention now with my attitude and even less so with the analysis of these theories. But I absolutely agree that well-chosen terminology is of great importance.

Sometimes even there are some doubts about what was primary – the concept itself or its name. In addition, it is very important that the thermology created by levelnauts does not require too extensive and voluminous explanations. It should be based on a well-understood chain of associations.

As for the language, you may know that I am a supporter of the theory of monolingualism in the future. But what kind of language it will be – English, artificial or some kind of mix, so far I cannot say with certainty. But today it is already quite obvious that more than 90% of new information (although in fact it appears an extremely scanty percentage) first of all appears in English with the use of a significant amount of terms in Latin or, in general, artificially created words and concepts.

By the way, in one of the main projects of levelnauts – Elven Land, most of the names were created using English and Esperanto.

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