Chapter 9. Where to apply skills?

But this is no longer such a simple question as it might seem at first glance. Yes, now there are no problems in understanding what skills and in what business are needed. But can we say with confidence about where and what skills will be needed in the future?

Anyway, is it important to understand? After all, the point is that most of the skills will be safely transferred to artificial intelligence?

As you may have noticed, in this chapter, I myself have more questions than answers. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I cannot answer most of them. Fortunately, because a person is by nature curious and curiosity is also one of the engines of the progress of the human community.

It is quite possible that today there simply cannot be unequivocal answers, and in the near future not just one particular skill will be in demand, but a whole combination of such skills.

In this case, it seems to me that the very creativity that we talked about at the beginning of this book will be of great importance. In other words, society will be much more in demand not for implementers of ideas and projects, but for their creators or initiators.

Is it possible to predict the future with absolute accuracy? It is possible, however, not everyone has the chances of this and is far from accurate. But it is absolutely necessary to prepare for the expected development of events. And that is why, in the near future, it will be important not only and not so much the capital that is in the virtual storage of material values, but also the actual, demanded skills and knowledge that are in our heads.

Someone might argue and say that money has always come first. But will it be so in the future? Are each of you ready to answer in the affirmative now?

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