Chapter 1. Elfo goes on a journey

Elfo woke up early in the morning and at first did not even understand how this morning differs from many others that were before. But then he remembered that this is the first morning that he has to start without dad’s preachings and mom’s delicious pancakes. The day before they had told him everything about their Great Journey to the Planet of the Levelnauts.

Elfo had a very vague idea of ​​what kind of planet it was. All he knew was that in the end any elf went on the Great Journey. To do this, you need to find the Golden Staircase, which is located in the kingdom of the fairy Richa. It is on this staircase, overcoming one level after another, that you can get directly to the Planet of Levelnauts, despite the fact that, like all other planets, it is quite far away.

Elfo’s father was a teacher and he prepared Elfo well enough for the ordinary life of elves, but unfortunately, Elfo remembered very little of what and where he was in the place where he lived. He only knew that their house was at the Edge of the Wonderful Forest, and the forest itself on the other side ended where the Big Ocean began. Somewhere far, beyond the Big Ocean, there was a large Human World, which can be accessed only once in a lifetime with the help of a magic bridge, which was located in the kingdom of Ponto. However, it was possible to get to Elven Land only with the help of this bridge, but it was quite difficult to do and for this it was necessary to fulfill many conditions and requirements. However, Elfo’s parents once got here once, but for some reason they never told exactly how.

So, Mama’s delicious pancakes were not in Elfo’s house that morning, and he himself had to hit the road, on a trip to his native country, Elven Land.

Elfo perfectly remembered where to start. First of all, he needed to get to the neighboring Fairy Kingdom of Lerta. It was not far away, beyond the hills that he saw every morning in the first rays of the sun. In the Fairy Kingdom of Lerta, a traveler can get one, but absolutely any levelbook, or in other words, any clever book. But dad strongly recommended to him first of all to ask for a “Guide to the Elven Land” with a map and explanations. And already during the trip, one could learn other very useful things. And Elfo decided to listen to his father’s recommendations and ask the fairy Lerta for this particular book.

He washed and looked at himself in a small mirror. Mom always said that she was “the spitting image of Santa’s Helper,” but Elfo did not understand very well who he was, so he simply smiled in response to his mother’s words. Then he took out a travel bag from the chest, closed the window and door to his cozy elf parental house and set off on a journey beyond the hills, to the kingdom of the fairy Lerta.

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