Chapter 2. Lerta Fairy Kingdom

As Elfo predicted, he got to the kingdom of the fairy of Lerta pretty quickly. Her castle was visible from afar, and as soon as he crossed the hills, he immediately saw him. It was a rather beautiful building with high windows and a beautiful balcony on which the fairy Lerta herself stood. She seemed to have guessed about the approach of Elfo, so she went out onto the balcony and waved her hand to him affably. The little traveler waved his hand and carefully stepped over the threshold of the castle.

– Greetings, young traveler – said the fairy Lerta, who came out to meet Elfo. – Come on, I’ll take you to the main guest book room. Do not be surprised that you do not see any of my servants and the inhabitants of my kingdom today. Today is the day of the book fair, so everyone went to buy new levelbooks and exchange old ones, because this is the main occupation in our kingdom. Take a seat in this chair. So, what can I do to help you besides how to treat you to some wonderful tea and cookies?

– Hello, fairy Lerta – answered Elfo. Thanks for the treat. I’m going to the Richa Fairy Kingdom to go find my parents.

“Nice plan, my friend. You know that I have presents for all decent travelers. I can give you any levelbook you ask for. What you choose?

– Dad told me that you have a book called “A Guide to Elven Land, with a map and explanations.” Can I ask you for this book?

– Of course, Elfo. Now I will bring you our deluxe edition. Here it is, read and get useful information.

– Thank you very much, Fairy Lerta.

– It’s my pleasure. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, just be careful and watch out for Fiato.

– Who is Fiato? Daddy didn’t tell me anything about him.

– He just didn’t want to scare you and did the right thing. Not so scary this Fiato is to talk about him a lot. But just know Fiato is a bad elf. He lives under the Ponto Bridge and participates in all the unkind deeds that the People living beyond the Big Ocean offer him from time to time. He can appear in any of the kingdoms of Elven Land, since he has access there from the water. But all his tricks and intrigues are in vain, he very rarely manages to lead someone astray.

– Thanks for the warning, Fairy Lerta! I’ll be very careful.

Elfo thanked the fairy Lerta for the treat and gift. Then he opened the map that was attached to the guidebook and saw that now he should go to the kingdom of the fairy Festa, which was adjacent to the possessions of the fairy Lerta, and in the place of their connection there was a large fair.

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