Chapter 3. Fair

After a little rest in the beautiful garden, where the fairy Lerta took him, Elfo decided to go to the Fair, which was located outside the kingdom of the fairy Lerta and was part of the domain of the fairy Festa. The young elf had never been to a real fair and knew about it only from the stories of his father and it seemed to him just a magical place.

This is exactly how it turned out. Long before the appearance of the Fair itself, Elfo heard many different sounds that were heard in the place where it was. When he entered there through the main gate, he was simply amazed at the abundance of colors, costumes and fairgrounds.

One could easily guess that elves from all over Elven Land come to this Fair. Here he noticed the bookshop of the kingdom of Lerta, and the mysterious pavilion of the wonders of Magio, and the shop of the merchant and coin changer Vendisto, and even a kiosk where anyone could get positive crystals for free, just for a smile or a joke.

Yes, it was the most wonderful place Elfo had ever been. He was so confused that he did not even notice how someone gently put a hand on his shoulder and a cheerful female voice asked:

– Why are you confused, my friend? Do you need help? I am the fairy Festa, this is my domain and my Fair, so I can show you any place and it will be easier for you to understand what exactly you need.

– Thank you, Fairy Festa, this is very kind of you. Where should I start?

– You can start from any place. But don’t start with Fear Room of the уда Fiato. This is far from the best place to get to know the fair. First, get acquainted with the miners of positive crystals, smile at them, tell some funny story and get positive crystals as a reward. Then you can exchange these crystals for any other coins from Vendisto and buy yourself anything.

– How amazing! Then I’ll start with this kiosk.

– Yes, great idea. And I advise you to end the excursion in the place where the fairy Xenia talks about the best places to stay in Elven Land. She, by the way, will take care of your bed.

– It’s just cool!

Elfo thanked the cheerful red-haired fairy Festa and went to the kiosk of positive crystals.

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