Chapter 4. WOW day

It was one of the most amazing days in Elfo’s life. He just lost track of how many times he said “Wow!” There was just a huge number of all kinds of attractions and goodies at the fair, which only emphasized the fact that elves know a lot about entertainment.

On the other hand, amid all this fun, the young traveler learned many important facts that could be useful in the future. So, for example, he already clearly imagined how to get into the kingdom of the fairy Richa and understood that the Golden Staircase was located in the elven capital of the city of Positurbo.

He also learned that in this city, and indeed everywhere in Elven Land, elves have their own guilds and seals of these guilds, that all elves participate in quests and receive rewards, as well as perform special tasks of the Tasco department and even help the wizard Atento. All this was especially interesting and Elfo already imagined how he would participate in everything.

He was so carried away by everything that was happening that he did not pay attention to the fact that someone wanted to give him another fair coin. At the entrance to the last fairhouse, an elf in a beautiful suit and a hat with a letter “I” gave it to everyone, including the young traveler.

– What’s going on here? – asked Elfo.

– How, you don’t know? Now the fairy Xenia will tell and show here new castles, which were built by ambassadors and craftsmen from the Klubo guild in the most beautiful places of Elven Land. This is very interesting and curious. And for the fact that you met new elves today and visited all the places at the fair, you are entitled to an Intro coin. Here, hold it, come in and listen.

What the fairy Xenia told and showed with her magic wand was really difficult to describe. Elfo did not even imagine that such beautiful places existed. But the most amazing thing happened after the performance, when fairy Xenia called him over and offered to spend the night in her castle, which was no worse than those that were shown in the performance.

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