Chapter 5. Main Port and Ponto Bridge

Honestly, Elfo did not even understand how he ended up in the castle of the fairy Xenia, because the day before, by the time he had to hit the road, he had already fallen asleep. But when he woke up and looked out the window, he was simply stunned by everything he saw. In short, if you have not visited the fairy Xenia, then this means you have not seen any truly beautiful places at all. The castle was located almost on the top of a huge hill, from which there was a beautiful view of the Great Ocean from one side, and from the other to the wonderful multi-colored Elven Valley.

Unfortunately, by the time Elfo washed up and had breakfast, the fairy Xenia had already rushed off to the next show in the capital of Elven Land, the glorious city of Positurbo. However, before visiting the capital, Elfo had to visit several more very important places and there was no point in changing the route.

The next stop on this route was the Main Port of Elven Land and the Ponto Bridge, the only bridge that connected his homeland to the Human World.

It is necessary to say that shortly before he fell asleep yesterday, Elfo still managed to look into the shop of the Vendisto merchant again and exchange the Intro coin for a few coins of the kingdom of the fairy Xenia. But the problem was that the road to the port was very long and winding. It was possible, of course, to get there in the fastest way – with the help of a drone, but Elfo did not have enough money for it. So he chose the second method and went to port with a smart skateboard. By the way, the smart skateboard was an invention of the elf Inventisto from the land of Magio. And if someone rented it for a short time, then it knew how to find its way back to the owner.

By the way, Elfo really wanted to visit the kingdom of Magio and see the workshops of Investisto and the laboratories of his elf brother Alekmiisto, but they were located a little away from his road to the Main Port, that was located on the territory of the elven kingdom of Amiko.

As for the Main Port, while still descending on a skateboard from the hill, the young traveler noticed many beautiful unmanned ships and realized that a little more and he would reach the next goal and see the Ponto Bridge.

And so it happened. In a few minutes Elfa was standing near a very large and very beautiful Ponto Bridge. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get very close to the portal, as there were guards and many gates everywhere. But from the talks of other elves, he realized that many very important things were going on in Porto – from the execution of commercial transactions to the acquisition of citizenship by the new inhabitants of Elven Land.

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