Chapter 6. Meeting with Fairy Nobla

Elfo wandered a little more in the vicinity of the port and in one place he was even treated to a wonderful tuna sandwich. But despite the friendliness and kindness of the port inhabitants, it was necessary to set off on the road. The next point on the route was the kingdom of the fairy Nobla and it was necessary to get there before nightfall.

According to the information in the guidebook, there were literally a few hours of travel left to the destination. But after a while, Elfo noticed from afar the outlines of some very large, albeit low building with a flag waving on the roof. Coming closer, he saw the inscription OFICO on this flag, and in the windows there were many elves moving through the rooms, dressed in the same light green suits and dresses.

At the very entrance to the building, he saw a large poster on which was written: “Tell us what you can do best and we will find something to your liking!”

Despite all the beauty and attractiveness of this building, Elfo decided not to go inside, because there was no particular need for this. After all, best of all, so far, he only knew how to travel, and we can say that he has already found “his business to his liking.” Why, in this case, to distract busy people and fool them? In addition, he was in a hurry, and the afternoon sun gradually decreased towards sunset.

However, to the great surprise of Elfo, the residence of the fairy Noble was also nearby and more likely just resembled a small, clean and comfortable house than the palace of a real fairy. Nevertheless, the house turned out to be quite enough space for travelers, and the fairy herself turned out to be a very sweet and friendly woman, somewhat like her mother. and her pancakes were no less tasty.

Fairy Nobla asked Elfo in detail about the purpose of the trip, found out if he needed help, and only then she sent him to the guest room for the night. She even offered to stay with her forever and become part of her royal clan, but Elfo politely refused and said that he absolutely needed to find the Golden Staircase.

Fairy Nobla did not insist, but said that its doors are always open for those who want to start life “from scratch”, so Elfo can return here any day and at any moment if life becomes difficult.

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